Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reward Yourself with the Rep Referral Program

::: Reward Yourself with the Rep Referral Program :::
Our Rep Referral Program is a great way to easily reward yourself and help someone become successful by earning income from selling Regal.
Who Should You Refer?
• Friends and family that live outside of your area and don’t purchase from you
• An acquaintance who has spoken about starting their own business
• Someone who may need extra income
• A person who recently expressed interest in selling Regal
• Facebook friends - especially new moms, someone who is out of work or recently retired
It's Easy and Rewarding!
• Refer someone you know to www.Regal.ca to sign-up. When they join an email will be sent to them with their Representative number.
• You then activate the Referral in your Back Office using their Representative number along with yours.
• If they place their first merchandise order within 45 days of signing up, you will be able to select the Gift Card of your choice! Each eligible Referral will earn you a $50 gift card!
• There are over 150 gift cards to choose from - restaurants, gas stations, grocery and clothing stores and entertainment.
Refer Someone Today! http://www.Regal.ca