Thursday, October 3, 2013

Regal Gifts - A Year at a Glance...

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Hard to believe that one year ago this week, I started writing in the Regal Beagle my weekly article Coach's Corner with Brenda. My inspire, enrich and empower our great reps!
I hope you have enjoyed reading the articles as much as I have enjoyed writing them.
I thought it fitting today, to highlight some of my and your favourites. So here are my Top 5 Coach's Corner Articles for you to enjoy:

  1. Growing Your Business Through Events
    - With Event season almost upon us, this article is a must read!
    I share with you tips on how to locate an event and also challenge you with participating in one.

  2. Top 12 Ways to Build your Regal Business
    - Looking to take your Regal business to the next level...check this out!

  3. Growing Your Business through Marketing - Part 1
    - Not sure who our target market is? Not sure where to find them? Click on the link and see!

  4. Growing Your Business Through Marketing - Part 2
    - Looking for ways to market your Regal business for FREE...this article is my most shared with our great Reps.

  5. Building a Plan to Keep them Coming Back
    - Reps often ask about offering incentives to customers in order to keep them coming back...Have a read for some tips.

  6. Find Me If You Can - Part 2
    - Looking for ways to be found on-line? Our Web Master, Phil, shares with you his Top 6 ways.


As I am always looking for article ideas for Coach's Corner with Brenda, share with me your topic ideas either on our Regal Facebook Forum or email me at I can't wait to see what you have to say!

To all our reps who have enjoyed my articles over the year...thank you! I look forward to another year of articles that I hope motivate and inspire you to take that risk, do something new and believe in yourself.

Brenda Marlowe

Rep Coach

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