Thursday, January 8, 2015

Regal Gifts Book 1 Special Offer - Free Jewellery!

Regal Gifts Book 1 Special Offer - Free Jewellery!
The Special Offer for Book 1 works like any other Special Offer. It is designed to:

  • Give you the Rep a reason to knock on doors: a sales tool for you!
  • Give your customers a reason to place a order: and a free gift!

The bonus with our Book 1 Special Offer is that the product is not discounted - it's FREE!

Here's How It Works
When your customers place an order of $20 or more they are eligible to receive a free gift.

Ask your customer which FREE GIFT from one of the following 3 jewellery collections that they would like to receive:

  • Earring Collection - CS14011
  • Bracelet Collection - CS14012
  • Necklace Collection - CS14013

You enter the product code into your order as indicated in the catalogue.

Regal will choose the specific free gift from the selected collection and it will be shipped like any other Special Offer.

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