Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We want to know your Regal Business story – For a chance to win $25 COA

In a few short paragraphs, please tell us how you heard about Regal as a home based business option and why you love being a Regal Representative. Maybe it's the discount on great gift items; the extra income that allows your family to take a vacation each year; or the opportunity to meet more people in your community... whatever the case may be, we want to hear about your Regal business!

One lucky writer will be randomly selected and win $25 COA just for participating! Contest closes March 21st. Winner will be notified by email.

Please provide your Regal Rep Number with your post.

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  1. Replies
    1. I used to sell Regal with my sister when I was in high school. Our interested drifted off and life went on. Flash forward several years, I was married, home on maternity leave (which never provides enough cash) and surfing the Internet when I came across an add for Regal. A perfect way to earn some extra cash, with the flexible hours that a new mother needs. I am now at home with my second child, and my business has grown. Thank you Regal!! :)


    2. i sold regal when my kids were little it was a great way to earn money to buy gifts for the kids they always got regal gifts at that time i picked up my order on hamilton montain my kids always wanted to go with me to the warehouse we had to rotate who went with 4 kids this was the way to keep the peace now i return to it as a grandma of 19 again for the same reason to help keep up with presents year round but now i email orders so i dont have to rotate kids for the warehouse trip which would be nuts with 19 wanting their turn 9752742 is my number

    3. I remember as a young girl, my mother sold Regal. I always enjoyed leafing through the catalogues and helping my mother organize her orders for people.

      Now as a Mom many years later, I have joined up with Regal and recall those days with my Mom. Now my children are helping me the way I did with my mother. It is special how things can come full circle.


    4. Jennifer BorthwickMarch 20, 2013 at 2:02 PM

      I was looking on the internet for ways to make money. As a stay-at-home Mother of four small children, I needed a way to contribute to our household income. That's how I found Regal. It was a great start up cost, great products, and an all around great business. I never dreamed then that I would fall in love with the business like I have. I find myself ordering just as many products for myself as I do for my customers. Birthdays, Special Events, Christmas, you name's REGAL :) I love that there is no yearly fee, you sign up and the business is there for you! If I can't place an order one month, oh well, no big deal. If I have a huge order the next...bonus! :) It's safe to say that I am here to stay!


  2. My mom used to sell Regal. I decided to start selling Regal products because I live in a very small town and we do not have many stores. Regal offers a great variety of products for everybody so it brings something new to the residents of my town.
    I also like the way the discounts work and the fact that I am free to do whatever I want with my business (do not have to stress and try to sell a certain amount each month to keep my business). I love Regal :)

  3. My grandmother and aunt used to sell Regal when I was a little girl. I remembering going to the warehouse to pick up her regal orders. My aunt was a school teacher and she loved to give us personalized items for school. It was really neat to get gifts with my name on them. When I wanted to start a home based business I did a lot of research on the opportunities available. I choose Regal because of the variety of items, the method of selling (no home parties) and the tradition/connection I had with them. I love being a Regal Rep!!! #9713832

  4. Let try this again. I used to visit the store located in Langley , bc. A few years ago i discovered that the store location is no longer there, so after some research I discovered the Regal website. I had a few questions so I phoned the 1 800 number. I found the office staff there So friendly and helpful that i signed up right then and there!. To this day if I ever have any questions I do not hesitate to call as I find the back office staff to be the nicest and kindest people ive ever talked to on the phone. Being a Regal rep I have found just the mention of REGAL is a conversation starter anywhere and with anyone. i think I will be a regal rep for a long time to come. Tina Robinson rep #9745165

  5. I started with Regal to help raise money for different need's in my community. I have done a fundraiser with our local school to help kids go to Ottawa for a weekend trip. About a year ago a fire took the homes of 32 people and I was able to hold a draw for free Regal products to the people who donated to help rebuild their lives.
    - Gwendolyn Hoare

  6. When Regal had an actual 'store' in Kitchener, I was a Regal Rep and served many people quality products. The customers I had were so excited to receive their items. I was devastated when the 'store' location closed down. I did all I could do to join the Regal family again. I searched the internet how to sell Regal nowadays and didn't hesitate to signup. I'm am back at what I loved doing!! Now every time I say "I SELL REGAL" they all demand catalogues and want to order through me. It makes me thrilled to be part of a well known company. I hear the excitement in 'new' customer's voices that Regal is still available. I will be there no matter what may come, for all of their Regal ordering needs.
    Barb Nechacov

  7. My mom used to sell Regal. I decided to start selling Regal products because I live in a very small town and we do not have many stores. Regal offers a great variety of products for everybody so it brings something new to the residents of my town.
    I also like the way the discounts work and the fact that I am free to do whatever I want with my business (do not have to stress and try to sell a certain amount each month to keep my business). I love Regal
    Angele Auger

  8. When I was 13, I started selling Regal for fun. I liked going door to door and get orders. At 21, I stopped because I had a full time job and no time to spare. Now I'm a stay at home mom with alot of time and decided to join again a year ago :) I love all the fun items in the catalogs and I can't wait to see what's new ! Just love ♥ being a Regal Rep. 9748816
    Julie Adams

  9. I used to get Regal from a lady in my neighbourhood then we moved and I started selling Avon in my new neighbourhood. So many of my older customers kept asking me if I knew a Regal Rep that I decided to sell it myself.

    Now my friends, family and customers are always looking forward to seeing me arrive with the new books and ask for extra for their friends and family. I love selling it and my husband love scanning the book for new gadgets.

  10. I started selling Regal for a representative, when I was 10 or 11 years old. Although I did not feel comfortable, my mother insisted I had to do it to gain confidence. Somewhere around 10 or 15 years ago, I also started again, on my own, as I was a senior by now, and I had a good following at that time. When Regal closed their outlets, which I always looked forward to choosing the orders myself, I decided to quit. However, I have moved since then and thought this would be a good way to get to know people in the Princeton On. area, where I live and I have met some great ladies and young people. 9751650.

  11. As a young bride 50 years ago, I discovered Regal through a magazine advertisement. To supplement my husband's barbering profession, I started with selling to a few of my friends, relatives and neighbours. Before I knew it, I was at a fairly good income. I will admit now,after 50 years, I am my own best customer as I love the products that are available. Now in my senior years, I find I can't give it up and look forward to new items and new customers. What a great company.
    Regal Rep: 963085 - Judy Zutz

  12. I can't remember how I got to selling Regal as I've been
    selling it for at least 30 years,but I really enjoy it.
    I love their merchandise as well as being around great
    family, friends and people I've never met before. Usually
    everytime I order I have a new customer because people always
    hear about me. I keep my books in a great store,which
    really helps. I will never give up selling Regal as long
    as I'm able.Rep number 6721844-Joanne ackerman

  13. I've known Regal since I was a kid growing up in a small Cape Breton village.
    A lot of years have passed since then. I'm now a stay at home mom and wanted to do something fun and have a bit so spending money of my own. I researched many other home based businesses and Regal was the one what stood out as being the most affordable to start up. I love the no pyramid scheme or high pressure sales pitches. I just started last week. Still anxiously waiting for my 'business in a box' to arrive. I am so excited!!
    Rep # 9756730

  14. There was always a Regal catalogue in the break room at work, but in the last few months, there wasn't one to be found. My coworkers were lamenting the missing catalogues, so one day I looked up Regal online and got started! I like looking through them myself and basically use up any earnings just to offset the cost of what I buy for myself. I'm really enjoying it so far and look forward to the future of being a Regal Rep. Rep #9753409

  15. In the beginning, I thought I would love to sell Regal because I have always loved Regal and I believe in the products, the service, and Regal's reliability! Everyone that I know recognizes the name of Regal and they always tell me they love Regal products too because they are readily available and very unique items are offered.

    I was in a job I hated because I listened to negative people complaining all day long. It was wearing me down so that was my second reason for joining Regal. Now I get to speak to people who are excited about receiving their orders and are very happy to talk to me. What a relief! What a wonderful change for the better!

    But the main reason that I wanted to be a representative for Regal is that I wasn't asked for a resume, judged on my age or experience, or made to feel that I didn't have a college degree so it would be pointless to apply for any position. Regal accepted me as I am, a well-adjusted woman in my sixties, who loves people and likes to talk to people about Regal. Plain and simple, Regal let's me be me and I can work at my own pace, plus have fun while doing this. If it is a job, then I love my job...I love Regal! Jan Y. 9755149

  16. I use to work in the Regal Retail store in Kelowna and loved seeing and hearing the customers reactions to things they saw in the catalogue and now actually seeing in person. I loved serving the reps and helping them pick their orders and hearing their stories of fundraising and getting to that next level. I have since moved and to a town that has the second smallest Wal-mart. So needless to say, a small town with not much to offer. I decided to become a Regal rep to help people in my town to have something different. I have had wonderful success since starting with Regal as a Rep and hearing people say "wow Regal is still around" and "I haven't seen a Regal catalogue in years" After delivering their order and following up to make sure they are happy with their purchase, I get great joy in hearing how happy they are with their purchase. I have been able to meet lots of new people and get out in the community. I am now known as the "Regal lady" in town :) Alicia 9752693

  17. My friend used to sell Regal 20 years ago
    When I was on mat leave I wanted to keep busy
    I live in a small town so there is not too many reps
    So I looked up REGAL and became a rep
    I sell Regal because I stand behind the product
    When I display REGAL catalogues at community events
    I often hear "wow I did not know REGAL was still around"
    I remind people Regal has been around for 80 or so years
    Feel free to take a catalogue and contact me with their Regal requests
    I enjoy selling REGAL
    My rep number is 9743995


  18. It was actually my older sister who was selling Regal first. I was selling Name-On. I'm not sure of the relationship of the two companies, but the catalogues were exactly the same except for the cover. When the two companies amalgamated, I started selling under the Regal name.

    I started as a young teenager in about 1975, just to make a little spending money. All through the years, I had a few catalogues available and could only get a few people interested in ordering. I liked the Regal products myself, and bought them for gifts for my family.

    When I moved to Kap, there was a little more interest, but since I joined the Regal facebook site in 2009, my business has grown considerably. It really helps to learn from other Reps and to be in touch with Head Office on the site.

    A local hockey team found my name on Find-A-Rep a few years ago, and I began doing fundraisers.

    I love meeting people, visiting Seniors, and just simply helping people find things that can't be found anywhere else.


  19. It was in the Spring of 1985. I was unemployed. My mother had suggested I sell Regal, so I mailed in the card I'd received. I already knew about Regal since the time I was a kid as my aunt had the catalogue at Christmas. My mother would buy cards and wrapping paper for me. Back then I liked the other "neat stuff" too! I still like the cards, especially now that we've gone back to Canadian-made cards. Over the years I've built up a customer base amongst my neighbours and co-workers. I've been employed full-time since the 1990's, but I still do Regal as a side-line business and to serve my long-time loyal customers.
    Kathy Davidson-Heney

  20. It was a Long time ago. I received a card in the mail one day, I filled out the info and started selling Regal. I enjoyed when there was a store in Barrie (nice n close to home). I would get my customer lists and go 'shopping' Oh what fun it was! (I only had a couple of customers mostly) Then the stores all closed, and I/we thought Regal was gone! Until 2008 (I believe) I received notice in the Mail that Regal was NOT gone, they were back! bigger n better than Ever! Since then I've built a comfortable customer base, made a lot of New Friends, even made some $s this past year! Regal is an AMAZING company to work for (working for myself! how could it not be amazing!) Gonna work harder this year at reaching the next Level! :)

  21. Back in the old days (LOL) 1970's in Toronto i used to buy the products ... Avon no that was not me .. but hey Regal still around. Everyone loves the products. I had recently moved to a small community, . had to do something to keep busy and active until i could get back to work and also wanted some extra funds . I ordered the start up kit and off it went. books all around town. I also wanted something that if and when i got back to work full time i could still do. Thank you Regal . I have new friends , meeting business owners , with Regal products you cannot help but feel welcomed .

  22. I ordered a hotdog toaster for my sister in law for Christmas from she told us how great it was so we decided to buy one after not being able to find one I found regal sold them. Long story short regal had so many neat things I decided to start selling so I could save money buying lol.
    Cindy Galigan
    My rep# is 9756310

  23. When I was 14 years old my stepmother sold regal. I so badly wanted the change lock box thing personalized and in red.
    I was told that I could when I got a job, well about 14 years later, I had my first son, An I wanted to do something for all three of my children. So I got into REGAL strickly to put money away for my kids.
    I was rather shy, and kept to myself and family. two years later I'm proud to say that Regal has allowed me to save 200 for each of my kids.
    Thanks Regal without you I wouldnt of been able to save this extra money.
    For my daughters 5th Birthday I plan on getting her the lock box, that started this whole thing..

  24. I sold Regal years ago when I had a young family. I remarried a few years ago and my new husbands late wife sold Regal and her catalogues were still coming to the house. After seeing that Regal was back in a good way I decided to sign back up. The stores being gone that everyone could go and get a discount has helped this time around. I love the unique items and the chance to meet new people. 9714685

  25. Hello. My mother in law has sold Regal for over 25 years and loves doing it. She has said a few times that she was going to quit but still hasn't. She was told of an incentive for new reps to join under her and share her discount till years end. The wife and I decided to join. It will be a year in April and we love doing it. I meet many people that thought Regal was gone and take catalogs gladly. Keep it up. 9750590.

  26. I left my job of 9 years under very bad circumstances. I worked for a husband and wife and they were heading for a divorce. I was caught between them. I was sitting at my computer one night and googled Regal as I have not heard of it for years. Then I checked for reps in my area and did not find one in my town. Hey I thought why not become a rep. It has been about five years.
    It is definatly taking time to build to business but I do enjoy it. I do work as a self employed bookkeeper but enjoy interacting with my Regal customers and I have a few loyal ones. I don't make a lot of money but I am able to buy the things I want from Regal. I have made some new facebook friends through Regal.
    I try to do a few events every year to get more business. Regal has items that are unique and once people see that they want to buy. Heres hoping for a good year.

  27. I was born in North Bay in 1950 and soon our little family became 11..9 children and mom and dad..We were very happy but money was tight and dad was always away as a salesman on the road. Treats were rare and as I became a little older I saw an ad to sign up for Regal. Soon I was delivery door to door with my brother who delivered newspapers. The biggest sellers were cards and wrap. I went on to marry, always sold Regal even when working full time in banking and went to South Africa, was a bank manager and had a serious neck injury. I came home after surgery and can no longer work 9 to 5 so went again back to Regal for extra cash and here at almost 63, I have some wonderful clients and do many senior homes and bazaars. Sue # 1080355

  28. My husband & I do work for N.B. Housing ( contractors, painting ). The low rentals we work in are empty, & in the mail box was this Regal cataolgue. I looked through it amazed with the products that Regal sold. I got very interested in the catalogue & decided to sell to my friends & family. Then my business growing from there. I have been selling Regal since 2002, I was one of 22 Reps. that had won a trip to Nassaw Bahamas through Regal. My husband & I went & had the best holiday! We never get a holiday with the work we do & me selling Regal. But the best part of selling Regal is the people I meet every day. My customers will ask for a catalogue, then before the due date is done on the catalogue they are asking for the next one. Regal is the best company I have been in business with since I started selling, Hassel free on returns. Thank-you Regal for everything, Rozelle 9055438

    1. Many years ago, my Aunt used to sell Regal. It was mainly cards and wrapping paper. I remeber getting the little golden books as a Christmas gift, wrapped in regal paper. Years later I found the card reqesting a catalogue, and I send in my name, not sure what year that was. I mainly bought for myself at that time. Then in 1989, I had the oppurnity to open a variety store along with operating the local post office. I figured as we didn't have a gift store in town, Regal would be a good seller. I operated the variety store for 20 years, with many orders and sales. After I retired from the retail business, my neighbor and I started taking part in Farmer's markets, I took the fund raising test, and have had several fundraisers and many orders from the markets. I like to tell my customers that the return policy is very good, if they are not happy with their purchases, I have had very few return, and have found many new customers. Thank you to the wonderful service and help from the home office. With the various promotions throught out this past year, I was able to reach my next level. Thanks again. Diane Rep #732487

  29. I became a regal representative in 2011..
    In July 2010, I became a young mom to a little girl. I wasn't able to go out and work like I wanted to, so I decided that I should give regal a try and earn a little extra income for myself.
    Since 2011, I have earned a 25% comission and still going strong... Regal became a fun enjoyable hobby to me.. I just simply love doing this.
    Erica #9750165

  30. My introduction to Regal came in the early 70's back in British Columbia. As a newly-wed in the community, an elderly neighbour came by to visit with an oven fresh Glazed Lemon Loaf and Regal Catalogue in hand as her welcoming gift, ...She secretly knew, (as Regal Rep's Do) ...I'd be hooked! Both on the Lemon Loaf and for much longer on REGAL.
    In '76 we moved to Calgary Alberta, and there I discovered the treasured REGAL Store. It didn't take long to see my need to apply for the coveted Regal Rep Id Number, funny thing, just last week cleaning out an old handbag to toss, I found that old REGAL REPRESENTATIVE IDENTITY CARD - Rep # 18-20209.
    For years I sold to just friends and family by simply circulating the only copy of the catalogue I owned. It was difficult to gain customers in those days, as everyone knew they could do as I and apply for their own Rep Card, to take advantage of all the great value priced catalog items and reduced clearance specials offered. Life had a way of moving me on, and in '91, I left the big cow-town behind and pretty much Regal as well. Not having my forwarding address, Regal Greetings & Gifts (as they were known back then) no longer mailed catalogues to me and soon thereafter, I too heard of the demise of the Regal stores, sadlyly figuring it was another era gone forever just like my favorite Eaton's catalog. Well I can tell you how I was pleasantly surprised one morning to stumble across the Regal Logo on the internet and instantly knew I was going to resurrect my representative status if at all possible.
    Now, the rest as they say is, ' history for the making' ...and I am in the transitioning stage of my life where I can visualize working full time servicing my Regal Client base. Living in a rural community the need for personalized retail service is on the rise, and I am honored to be available to service that need with the Guarantee of Excellence and Outstanding Products that REGAL offers. I continue to meet so many wonderful people that I know will be a part of my life forever. Since the introduction of the Personal REGAL Web Stores in 2009, and the launch of Facebook's Business Pages, there is still - a Lot of Regal History to be made! My sincerest Thanks to REGAL Gift Corporation for "Great Beginnings" and more for establishing a Rep Program which can lead to an "Enjoyable Retirement Plan" and enduring new friendships.
    -Brenda, #9642628-Visit Me at

  31. I was recovering from Cancer ... so far beat it ... and the sudden passing of my husband ... i needed something to do , i could use the extra income...this was great if i got tired i could rest ... there was no schedule or time frame ... at my own speed until i was well enough to go back to work F/T ..this gave me incentive to get up and do things it definitely helped in my recover ... had also recently moved to a new area... i got to meet my neighbors who have now become friends. I am back at work F/T now and of course not giving up Regal .
    Carol 9752224
    Carol 9752224

  32. I started selling REGAL in 1995 after I had my first child and decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom as I was an older mom and only working parttime at a convience store,and my husband was working fulltime. This was to give me a little pocket money. My sister had been selling REGAL where she lived and seemed to be doing good. I stayed at home with my children until my oldest was 12, when I went back to work I was going to stop selling REGAL, it was around this time that RRGAL closed for a while. Well I kept getting phone calls from my customers wanting to know when I was going to start selling REGAL again so I told them as soon as REGAL started up again I would be selling it again. I have some of the same customers since I started, my family, some of the girls from work buy from me,my friends and friends of friends, women who work with my sister-in-law at a nursing home and also some of the residents there, customers from several of the seniors apartments in my area. I also am signed up for find a rep and have gotten a few customers that way, a few of them were surprised that Regal was still in business I enjoy selling REGAL, visiting yes I end up visiting with a lot of my older customers when I am delivering their orders to them also I like meeting new customers.
    Doreen # 7726651

  33. I have known about REGAL for many years. Growing up I had a neighbor that was a REGAL Representative and I couldn't wait for when a new catalog was released and I could go over and have a peek at it. After my neighbor passed away and I grew up, my mom had a gentleman that would drop off a catalog every now and then and I would look through it and make purchases....I think at one point I was actually addicted to buying the neat little gadgets! I am now a mother of two little girls and I am a part-time registered practical nurse in a long term facility and I love my job. I like being part-time so I can be home for my girls while they are still quite young. For a few years it was like REGAL fell off the face of the earth and it seemed like no-one had ever heard of it until one day, about a year ago, I was sorting through some papers at the nurses station where I work and there it was...a REGAL catalog!!! I was so excited that I took the book home with me (regardless of who's it and the next day I checked REGAL out online and well here I am now a REGAL Representative and loving it!!
    Janet #9750472

  34. I have heard and seen Regal Catalogues from years ago. I Use to like browsing through all of them. I just recently got started a as Regal Rep on February 2, 2013, which is the day after my birthday. I seen your online ad that showed that we could start for only $19.00 and what i got for it all. It was enough to push me into get signed up with Regal.

    I haven't made a lot of sales yet, but I'm very happy to be heading down the road to building my own Business from all that Regal has to offer. I like the fact that we have some much to offer through Regal as well as a lot of options on what we can do with it all. All I can say is that I'm glad that I finally took the plunge and I know In time I will be able to become financially secure by selling Regal.

    Thanks for the opportunity That you have given me.

    David Blum
    Rep # 9756461

  35. Love Regal.
    Always have. Always will.

    We had a store here in town, and it was always fun to go! I enjoyed taking my kids there as well, and always found something new and exciting to buy for them or for the house!

    It wasn't until around 2002, that I decided to become a Rep. I sold very little, and quickly became my own best customer!

    I have MS and am on Disability, was not working, and so it wasn't until the summer of 2012, that I decided to use Regal as a way to try to become more active in the community.

    As soon as I started using Facebook, and other avenues to advertise, my little Regal Business wasn’t so little anymore! I enjoy meeting new people, seeing them pleased with their purchases.

    I can’t say enough about how Regal help put me back into a workforce that I can control. With MY hours with the ability to make as little or as much as I want!

    Thank you Regal!
    Katherine Lamke

  36. My Mom sold Regal when I was a child. I loved the Mystery Boxes and when they would arrive it was like Christmas morning excitement going through the items in the box. Those are my first memories of Regal.

    When I had our first child I wanted to be a stay at home Mom but still wanted a bit of an income. Regal is the first thing that came to mind. Then child #2 & #3 came along and Regal still fit nicely into our family. The kids were my helpers too stamping, labelling & be our "runners" out of the van popping the catalogue in my customer's mail boxes. They were great promoters of my Regal Open Houses too.

    Fast forward 32 years down the road and I never thought I would be one of the top 10 Reps in 2012. I have fibromyalgia so working a 9-5 job wouldn't work for me but Regal is still a perfect fit. Regal does make it so easy for us as it is such an easy sell. Admail is the best now that I don't have those little runners helping out.

    When I get my Regal deliveries I still feel that anticipation & excitement as I felt as a child opening up the boxes to check out what's in the each box.

    Thank you Regal,
    Susan Zaroski

  37. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Regal! I used to sell it when it was the 'Old' Regal but just to family & co-workers. Then my husband & I moved to Newfoundland...a new town, a new province and a new lifestyle!
    I didn't know many people here, just my husband's relatives and with me being quite shy, found it somewhat difficult to meet new people. Sooo..I did an un-addressed postal walk and as they say "the rest is history"! Almost 4 years later, I have built up my business to over 200 customers (40 of them being in other parts of the province) and growing!
    I am less shy and becoming more confident about meeting new people and I have met some very nice, sweet & loving people!
    I love the direction the "New" Regal is going in and how they are 100% behind their reps. I AM proud to say "Hi, my name is Kimberley and I am your local Regal Rep"!
    Rep # 9601111

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