Monday, June 10, 2013

Growing your Business beyond your community...

Looking to grow your business but finding too much competition, your community is too small, you're unable to find your target market?
Many reps find themselves in this situation and not sure where to turn. Why not consider reaching out beyond your community?
Regal provides all the tools to make it happen:
  • Events: Why not consider expanding your business and participating in a Community Event in a neighbouring community? Not sure where to start?
    Check out the neighbouring community's Township/City website and see what activities are happening in the area. Perhaps they have a Farmer/Flea market, a Community Garage Sale or a Special Festival happening soon.
    Also try finding Events by using Kijiji & Googling "vendors wanted" OR "events in (town)". Don't forget your Regal Back Office has all the tools to get you started and to ensure a successful event –

  • Postal Walks: A great way to grow your business is by doing a Postal Walk in a neighbouring community. Take a minute and get to know the community first by clicking on the following link
    Growing Your Business through Marketing - Part 1.
    For more details about Regal's Postal Walk program, click here: Mailing Programs.
    Our next Postal Walk is for the Fall catalogue and the deadline is July 3rd - 5:00pm EST.

  • Web Store: Why not advertise your web store address in neighbouring communities? Advertise the convenience of ordering online and the fact that orders ship directly to them, saving you time and money. Place a classified ad in the community's local newspaper and don't forget to include your Web store address. Click on the following link for some great examples of Newspaper Article Templates. How to Triple Traffic to My Personal Web Store.
    If you have not requested your Web store yet, click here.
    Remember it's FREE and only takes 24 business hours to set-up.

  • Find a Rep: Make sure you are on the list! A potential customer can search up to 100km to find a rep. Potential customers from neighbouring towns can't find you if you are not listed.
    As long as you have $250.00 in sales or have purchased the Business in a Box Kit, you qualify. For immediate sign-up,
    click here.

With so many tools available to you, the sky is the limit! No need to get discouraged when you hit a standstill in your business.
Don't give's all about getting your name out there for all to see!

Next week, let's look at how you can continue to Grow Your Business outside your community through Family and Friends. See you then!

Brenda Marlowe

Rep Coach

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