Monday, June 10, 2013

Maximize your Facebook Page for your Regal business

Last week we talked about the different ways to market your business and how to make sure you can be found through Social Networking and Online Marketing for FREE!
Hopefully, you are now using Facebook as a method to market your Regal business! If you are, let's make sure you make the most of your Facebook page.
Here are my Top 4 Must Haves for your page:

  1. CONTACT ME TAB: Make sure that interested customers know how to reach you to request a catalogue, or place an order.
    Create a Contact Me tab for your Regal Facebook page by clicking here:
  2. POST PICTURES: Images are a great way to attract people to your page! Try posting your favourite Regal item,
    or a product from our Top 25 list...make sure you share information on the product and why customers should purchase it.
    Learn how to do this here: How to add a picture to your Facebook page.
  3. SHOP TAB: In addition to posting your Webstore address (example: on your Wall or in the "About" section,
    you can add a tab to your Facebook page where your customer can easily shop through your Web store.
    You can do this for free by installing the iFrame App onto your page. Find out more here:
  4. FACEBOOK COVER COLLAGE: Create a collage of your top 3 best sellers, your favourite items or some of our new/unique Regal products.
    There are numerous Facebook apps to help you create a cover image that's just the right size and shape.
    Try one of the following:,, or my personal favourite (requires flash)
Remember that it's very important to stay active with your Regal Facebook Page! Post daily to get your customers engaged and give them a reason to get excited about your business and about Regal.
For a great example of a Regal Rep's Facebook page, check out Brenda Graaf's:
She is a level 7 rep and has done an amazing job of utilizing a variety of apps and keeping her customers engaged. Take a minute and tour her page. You won't be disappointed!
Next week, let's have some fun...I have created a Word Search game just for you to help you grow your Regal business!

Brenda Marlowe

Rep Coach

1-800-565-3130 ext 288

Look for me on Facebook:


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