Thursday, July 4, 2013

Going the Extra Mile

Having worked in the Sales and Service industry for over 10 years (through training and experience), I have learned what CUSTOMER SERVICE truly is.
Some of the companies I have worked for, including Regal, realize the importance of customer service and have gone as far as implementing Service Standards,
so that when you contact their Call Centre, you should consistently have a great experience!
Let's take a minute and define what Service Standards might look like for your Regal business:

  • S mile - I will always greet my customer with a smile even if I am having a bad day. I will smile through my frustrations.
  • E ngage Your Customer - I will always make sure my customers are informed and engaged in my business through Facebook, Email blasts and Twitter.
  • R elationship Building - I will acknowledge my customer even when there is no business to be done - birthdays, saying thank-you for repeat business, a get well card for someone in need.
  • V olunteer Information - I will always provide my customer with more information than they ask for. I will become a product expert and will not accept saying "no" or "I don't know".
  • I Create Lasting Impressions - I will always go above and beyond what my customers expect. I will always WOW my customer!
  • C onsistency - I will always use my customers name twice when speaking with them on the phone, I will let them know of any specials or new catalogues coming up,
    I will let them know when they can expect their order and I will thank them for their business ALWAYS. If I say I will do something, I will.
  • E xecute with Energy - I will always be enthusiastic about my business because I know that is what sells our great products.
Create your own Service Standards and memorize them so when your customers come calling, they will enjoy the same experience always.
Even go as far as laminating your Service Standards and attach them to your key chain or print out a copy to post in your office.
Make sure your customers know that CUSTOMER SERVICE is your top priority. We all know from experience, great customer service is what brings a customer back.
Next week let's continue our conversation on customer service and focus on how to develop repeat business.
I can't wait to share with you my recent trip to Cuba and how the Resort I stayed at went about rewarding and thanking their returning customers.
It will definitely be a great example of how a business engages and rewards their repeat business.

Brenda Marlowe
Rep Coach

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